What is the IPA Chart?

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What is the IPA Chart?

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is a set of symbols designed to provide a universal system for transcribing the speech sounds.Transcriptions appear between /brackets/. To learn the pronunciation of the words, each symbol represents a particular sound. It is used in dictionaries to show the differences between the common spelling of the words and their pronunciation.

By using these symbols you can avoid confusion, specially with words which sound is similar, like sheep and ship or keep and kip. Remember that now, we are concentrating our energy in the Spoken Language! and not the normal spelling of the words. It is all about sounds… Did you know that you can find all these symbols online in TeacherApp? and the best of all is that you can listen to each of the symbols and their sounds, with examples of words containing that sounds written in normal spelling and the transcription into the phonetic alphabet.

Knowing the IPA Chart, practicing each sound, knowing the differences and small details about these sounds is essential, basic, fundamental for anyone who wants to learn English. It is even more important than knowing grammar. Learning to pronounce words appropriately is the basis of all effective communication, since you will master understanding when listening to others but also you will make others understand you more clearly.


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