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English Phonetics

Knowing phonetics is even more important than managing grammar. Think that you should learn how to speak properly before than learning the grammar rules and that stuff. As we said, you really need to practice and speak as much as you can to sound more Native.

Remember that the phonetic symbols represent sounds, divided into vowel, consonant or diphthong sounds. Listening to and repeating them is an enriching practice, you should try it! Then you can follow by including these sounds into whole words, since the combination of different sounds usually change their pronunciation.

Besides, intonation is as important as the pronunciation of the words. It shows the speaker's attitude and is used to express feelings like surprise or irony, to emphasize, to expose that you are happy, angry, confused, etc. It refers to the way in which we say something and not what we say.

Did you know that some spelling rules can help you with the sounds of some words? For example, the famous Schwa, the soft & hard C or G, the combination of some consonants and vowels, etc. These sounds, letters, words, combinations and rules will help you to improve your speaking skills.


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